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Alex George


Alex George

Alex George is a writer and a lawyer. He was born in England, but presently lives in the midwest of America.

His latest novel, A GOOD AMERICAN, was published by Amy Einhorn Books, an imprint of Penguin/Putnam, in February 2012. It was a national and international bestseller, and was a Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

His new novel, SETTING FREE THE KITES, was published by Penguin in February 2017.

Alex has been named as one of Britain’s top 10 “thirtysomething” novelists by the Times of London, and was also named as the Independent on Sunday’s “face to watch” for fiction in its Fresh Talent feature.

Alex read law at Oxford University and worked for eight years as a corporate lawyer in London and Paris. He moved to the United States in 2003, and re-qualified as a US attorney. In addition to writing, he also runs his own law firm and is the founder and director of a new literary festival, The Unbound Book Festival.

Alex is married to the writer and critic, Alexandra Socarides. They live in Columbia, Missouri with their four children. His hobbies include listening to obscure jazz albums, playing his saxophone, and cooking (and eating) complicated meals. He has appeared on television dancing in a shark suit. Loooong story.

Alex George

Books by Alex George

by Alex George - Fiction, Historical Fiction

An uplifting novel about the families we create and the places we call home.

It is 1904. When Frederick and Jette must flee her disapproving mother, where better to go than America, the land of the new? Originally set to board a boat to New York, at the last minute, they take one destined for New Orleans instead ("What’s the difference? They’re both new"), and later find themselves, more by chance than by design, in the small town of Beatrice, Missouri. Not speaking a word of English, they embark on their new life together.