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August 27, 2009

Book Clubs in the News

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From Ft. Worth to Finland, book clubs are a mainstay in the news, including a Boston group that has far-reaching effects and an Ontario club that let a four-legged friend choose a reading selection. Also in this month's round-up are profiles of two authors and book club favorites --- Jeannette Walls and Kris Radish, who is appearing tonight at Border Books in Sacramento, California.

The Buffalo News: Glass Castle a Window on a Troubled Childhood
The Buffalo News talks with Jeannette Walls about her memoir The Glass Castle, which the paper selected as its August Book Club read.

CBS News: A Tale With a Storybook Ending
An unlikely friendship between two Boston men leads to a book club that has far-reaching effects --- it has inspired people in other states and countries.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The 13-Member Book Club Read, Period Only Has One Kind of Discussion --- Lively
This Texas reading group has lively and fun discussions, but they take their book club responsibilties seriously. Along with some other interesting traditions, members had better make sure they read the book: they’re fined if they don’t.

Helsinki Times: A Reading Club with a Relaxing Spirit
Having trouble finding an English-speaking book club in the Finnish capital, two bibliophiles formed one of their own. There are no rules, but members do agree that one thing is a must: an open mind.

Oakville Beaver: When It Comes to Book Club Selections Just Let the Dog Decide
Back together after a long hiatus, an Ontario book club had an interesting method for selecting what to read. They called on a canine to decide.

The Sacramento Bee: Kris Radish's Writing Honors Families, Role of Women
"Kris Radish's novels are steeped with her wry sense of humor, but she's quite serious when it comes to women's issues and her gender's happiness in general," says The Sacramento Bee. Radish, whose latest novel is The Shortest Distance Between Two Women, is appearing at Borders Books tonight, Thursday August 27th, in Sacramento, CA, at 6 p.m. To read her guest blog post, click here.