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January 19, 2010

Book Clubs in the News

Posted by webmaster
In this month's round up of Book Clubs in the News checkout the slowest book club on record, a new book club TV Show in the UK and some novel ideas for showier kinds of book clubs.

Boston Globe: Cheers to the End of ‘Finnegans Wake’
And you thought you were slow? A Boston book club takes 13 years to finish James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and marks the end with a celebratory toast.

Public Opinion: Book Club at School Encourages Reading at Home
Elementary school kids are learning to love reading and bringing their parents along for the ride. New British Book Club TV Show A Bit Disappointing
The UK has just launched a new book club TV show to some rather lackluster reviews. Hopefully the show will tune things up and get some legs and then maybe the idea will jump the pond to the US!

The Wire (New Hampshire): Portsmouth boasts a new Page and Stage Book Club
Looking for a way to expand the traditional book club? The Page and Stage Book Club compares similar works on the stage and in book form. Southern California Non-Profit TV Station Starts Online Book Club
Their first selection is Jane Austen’s EMMA, chosen to coincide with Masterpiece Classic's January 24th premiere of a new, three-part interpretation of the book. The TV station encourages everyone to join and comment away!