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January 25, 2011


Posted by Dana

51QAOYgPvEL._SL500_AA300_.jpgIf your book club wants THE hot new title and doesn't mind reading a hardcover, have I got a recommendation for you:  CLARA AND MR. TIFFANY is the latest art world fiction from New York Times bestselling author Susan Vreeland and it is a great read.

I just finished the book last night - and to be honest - I could barely put it down.  CLARA AND MR. TIFFANY is the story of Clara Driscoll, a real woman almost lost to history, who is thought to be the designer behind the famed Tiffany lamps.

The book brings to life an era where women were allowed to work, but with many restrictions and no recognition.  For Clara this meant having to choose work over love because Mr. Tiffany, though forward thinking in his hiring of women, did not hire married women at all.  And if a woman did marry while in his employ, she was forced to resign. 

Most of the characters portrayed in the book are from real life which makes the book all the more intriguing and the depiction of New York City at the time is also fascinating.  I can only imagine the amount of research that Vreeland had to do to craft this book!

I think your book club will find plenty to talk about as many of the issues Clara faced still face women today.  From her relationships with men to her career aspirations and self-doubt, Clara's story still resonates.

Happy Reading!

-- Dana Barrett, Contributing Editor