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Questions for ReadingGroupGuides Book Group Interview

Each month we feature interviews with book clubs from around the country on To have your group spotlighted, here is what you need to do.

Preferably the whole group, or at least several members, should get together and answer the questions below. However, if it makes more sense for just one member to do this, that's fine too. Please feel free to go beyond these questions, and share with us anything about your group that you think might interest our readers. When answering these questions, please keep in mind that our readers love to know what other groups are reading, so the more titles you include, the better!

Please note that our book club interviews are updated monthly along with our regular update. 

A few things to make our lives easier:

Include your FULL name and email address at the end of these questions, in case we need to clarify anything.

Please copy and paste the questions into a new email and post your replies below them so we are clear in what question you are responding to (it can get confusing sometimes).

1. Does your group have a name and/or a theme? How long has your group been in existence?

2. How many members do you have? How many men, how many women? What age are most of your members?

3. How often do you meet? Where do you meet?

4. Do you eat at your meetings? What do you eat? Who brings the food?

5. Who leads the discussion? Do you use reading group guides?

6. What kind of books do you read?

7. How do you choose your books? Do you choose one new book at each meeting, or do you choose the books for a number of meetings ahead of time?

8. What were some of the best discussions or favorite books the group read?

9. How do you keep things fun?

10. What advice would you give to other reading groups?

11. Do you have any horror stories, amusing anecdotes, or other special tales to tell?

12. Is there anything else unique or noteworthy about your group that you would like to share?

13. Finally, please include your name, city and state with your reply, as well as your email address. Occasionally we get requests from the press or book groups who would like to contact the group. Is there anyone who can handle this for your group?

Email your answers to when you are finished. And again, thanks for sharing your group with us!