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Critical Praise

"Colleen Oakley takes on the big three --- life, death and love --- and delivers a jewel. BEFORE I GO absolutely glows with humor, wit and compassion. I adore Oakley’s fresh voice and could hardly bear for the book to end." 

—Lynn Cullen, author of the national bestseller MRS. POE

"In BEFORE I GO, Oakley addresses the oft-asked question: if you only had six months to live, what would you do? In her deft hands, what could easily turn maudlin becomes a funny and insightful journey with Daisy, and the love of her life, Jack. If you loved JoJo Moyes' ME BEFORE YOU, this book is for you." 

—Catherine McKenzie, bestselling author of HIDDEN and FORGOTTEN

"What would you do if you knew you were dying? This emotional debut and its gutsy heroine will have you laughing through tears and staying up late until you’ve reached the final, fully satisfying page.” 

—Jennie Shortridge, author of LOVE WATER MEMORY

“Brilliant in its simplicity, beautiful in its sentiment, heartbreaking in its honesty, Colleen Oakley’s BEFORE I GO takes on one of life’s ultimate cruelties, death before one's time, and makes us believe.” 

—Susan Crandall, author of WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD

“BEFORE I GO is a big-hearted tale, with a fresh take on a woman grappling with the inevitable. The characters are approachable, full of wit and humor and --- above all else --- touching sincerity.” 

—Suzanne Ridell, author of THE OTHER TYPIST

"Oakley expertly tugs at the heartstrings with well-rounded characters and a liberal dose of gallows humor."   

—Publishers Weekly

"Highly recommended for laugh-out-loud fans and the tearjerker set." 

—Library Journal

"This emotional novel will make readers laugh through their tears."  

—Kirkus Reviews

“Oakley has produced an affecting work that, while avoiding maudlin sentimentality, makes the reader care about Daisy and her determination to live while dying.”