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Critical Praise

"This is an intriguing if somewhat gloomy look at the American car business."

——Publisher's Weekly

"Comprehensive . . . Maynard builds a persuasive case with layers of detail."

——Business Week

"Maynard’s crisply written book coolly analyzes the causes of the latest fall of Detroit."

——The Economist

"And now some of Chrysler's critics see an uncertain future for the automaker. European analysts are predicting that Daimler will cut Chrysler loose after Juergen Schrempp, the architect of the merger, retires as chairman in 2005. A new book entitled, 'The End of Detroit' by New York Times auto writer Micheline Maynard, also paints a dead-end scenario for Chrysler or Ford."


"[A] well-researched and passionate examination of contemporary culture, automotive and otherwise."

——Boston Globe