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Critical Praise

"The business she's in is almost beside the point: Corcoran could almost be selling plumbing supplies, and the story would still fly."

——Kirkus Reviews

"Ms. Corcoran...who started her current real estate firm with just seven agents in 1978, now commands the kind of market power that makes her small competitors tremble with envy."

——The Wall Street Journal

"Barbara Corcoran may be New York's real estate diva, but it's her homemaker mother to whom she looks for inspiration."

——Crain's New York Business

"Corcoran has fashioned a funny handbook...that works. Equal parts business primer, Oprah-spirited coming-of-age memoir.... A likeable and worthwhile book, an honorable contribution with heart."

——Publishers Weekly

"Corcoran is a lightning bolt of energy caught in a 5-foot-6 frame."

——USA Today