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Author Talk: March 2014

Bestselling author Laura Griffin’s latest novel, FAR GONE, is about police detective Andrea Finch, who must face down a criminal mastermind, the FBI and her own demons to save her only brother. Here, she talks about her heroine, why she likes to combine action and romance and what she’s working on next.

Question: Tell us about your heroine, Andrea Finch.

Laura Griffin: Andrea is a police detective in Austin, and she’s on the outs with her department when the story opens. From her first scene in the book, Andrea finds herself in a no-win situation, and things keep getting worse for her. The crux of her problem is that she’s caught between loyalty to her brother, who is her only real family, and loyalty to the job she loves.

Q: FAR GONE includes both a romance and a suspense plot. As Publishers Weekly put it, the story merges “high-stakes action and spicy romance with rhythmic pacing and smartly economic prose." Why do you like to combine romance and suspense?

LG: I love action stories that also have a strong emotional component. To me, the relationship between the hero and heroine is at the heart of the story. I want to see them fight the bad guys and unravel the mystery, yes. But I also want to see them overcome personal challenges and learn something about themselves along the way.

Q: Many readers know you for your Tracers series, but FAR GONE is a stand-alone. Will you be doing more Tracers books?

LG: I’m working on the next Tracers book right now. The series focuses on a high-tech crime lab where an elite group of experts, known as Tracers, use the latest and greatest forensic technology to help detectives solve their toughest cases. I have loved writing the series because each book features a new main character and in doing the research I’ve gotten to meet all sorts of forensics experts and CSIs.

Q: Anything else you want to tell readers?

LG: I love to hear from readers! Also, if you or your readers group would like some bookmarks, just drop me a line at [email protected]and I’ll be happy to send you some.

Happy reading!