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May 15, 2024

I watch movies and TV shows as much as I read. I especially enjoy films and programs that are based on books, and there are a lot of them these days. It’s clear that authors create characters and plots that can be adapted for the big and small screens. I enjoy seeing what stays the same and what changes, and how scenes are set up and interpreted. Sometimes programming surprises me. I look at a crowd scene and think about how that is staged. I think about the costuming that is created. I think about how a shoot is done, knowing that filming multiple scenes in a location even when they are not in order is typically the most cost-effective.

—Diana Gabaldon, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Outlander

—Katherine Arden, author of THE WARM HANDS OF GHOSTS

—Publishers Weekly, starred revieW

—Booklist, starred review

—Kirkus, starred review

—Library Journal, starred review

Interview: Sheila Roberts, author of The Best Life Book Club

May 13, 2024

Sheila Roberts is the author of more than 50 novels, including her latest, THE BEST LIFE BOOK CLUB. In this interview, Roberts explains what inspired her to write this story about four women who become close friends as members of a book club. She also talks about her connection to the book’s setting, the role that friends play in her life, her upcoming travel schedule, and how her childhood experiences helped mold her into the warm and outgoing person she is today.

Rachel Khong, author of Real Americans

REAL AMERICANS begins on the precipice of Y2K in New York City, when 22-year-old Lily Chen, an unpaid intern at a slick media company, meets Matthew. Matthew is everything Lily is not: easygoing and effortlessly attractive, a native East Coaster and, most notably, heir to a vast pharmaceutical empire. Lily couldn't be more different: flat-broke, raised in Tampa, the only child of scientists who fled Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Despite all this, Lily and Matthew fall in love. In 2021, 15-year-old Nick Chen has never felt like he belonged on the isolated Washington island where he lives with his single mother, Lily. He can't shake the sense she's hiding something. When Nick sets out to find his biological father, the journey threatens to raise more questions than it provides answers.

Mary Kay Andrews, author of Summers at the Saint

Traci Eddings was one of those outsiders whose family wasn’t rich enough or connected enough to vacation at St. Cecelia. But she could work there. One fateful summer she did, and she married the boss’s son. Now, she’s the widowed owner of the hotel, determined to see it return to its glory days, even as staff shortages and financial troubles threaten to ruin it. Plus, her greedy and unscrupulous brother-in-law wants to make sure she fails. Enlisting a motley crew of recently hired summer help --- including the daughter of her estranged best friend --- Traci has one summer season to turn it around. But new information about a long-ago drowning at the hotel threatens to come to light, and the tragic death of one of their own brings Traci to the brink of despair.