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Critical Praise

Sweet, accessible and uplifting, the latest love story from Sparks (The Notebook) leaves the reader with one burning question: Why is this consummate beach book being published in the fall?. . . expect instant best-sellerdom.

Publisher's Weekly

Love and death are constant companions in Sparks's books and this one is no exception. . . Once again, Sparks brings a tale of true love to fruition, proving that love stories can be sweet without being cloying.


A charming and thoughtful love story... Don't miss it; this book is a book that's light on the surface but with subtle depths.

Bookloons Contemporary Books

Love and death are constant companions in Spark's books, butA Bend In The Road is a cut different... in that it gives a story that not only includes love and tragedy, but one filled with guilt and a longing for justice... Sparks includes mystery into his mix of emotions ... A Bend In The Road is like a safe harbor compared to the roiling seas that threaten to swamp our daily lives.

Tulsa World