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Critical Praise

“This is the best spiritual memoir I’ve read since The Seven Storey Mountain --- and that was a long time ago. Andrew Krivak conveys his own ardent search while also capturing the fragmented spirit of our times, making his ‘long retreat’ the occasion for a wise, tough, and sometimes refreshingly comic meditation on faith. I read it like a detective story, unable to put it down --- and then unable (and unwilling) to stop thinking about its lingering questions.”

——Patricia Hampl, author of Virgin Time: In Search of the Contemplative Life

“Here is a personal remembrance and reflection become an instrument of summoning spiritual witness --- and an account of a soul’s progress amid the possibilities offered by our contemporary secular world --- all told incisively and with a haunting candor that will reach and touch the grateful reader.”

——Robert Coles, author of The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination