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Critical Praise

"I loved A PLEASURE AND A CALLING --- gripping, sinister, original and brilliant!"

—Sophie Hannah, bestselling author of THE MONOGRAM MURDERS and THE ORPHAN CHOIR

"A gripping psychological thriller that pegs out the creep-o-meter with its chilling, original plot…Hogan’s Mr. Heming is a monumentally diabolical character --- the fact that he narrates the story further ups both the stakes and the tension. Readers won’t soon forget this first-rate, white-knuckle suspense novel."

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A wonderfully creepy novel, macabre and blackly comic with a deeply unsettling and original hero."

—Rosamund Lupton, New York Times-bestselling author of SISTER

"Hugely engrossing…Hogan captures perfectly [Heming’s] mix of rationality and madness --- the sense of logical means applied to deranged ends. The result is that we sympathize with Heming, embrace his plight --- which only heightens our discomfort."

—The Guardian (UK)

"Brilliantly creepy."

—The Observer (UK)

"William Heming is cut from the same cloth as Barbara Covett in Zoë Heller’s NOTES ON A SCANDAL, another unreliable narrator with whom we really should not be siding, but who proves so engaging that we can’t help but go along for the ride…[A] gripping, thrilling novel."

—The Independent on Sunday (UK)

"There is a delicious feeling of complicity in his misdemeanors. Heming gets inside your head as easily as he gets into his neighbors' houses. Indeed you cannot help asking as you finish this superbly plotted and genuinely creepy novel: wouldn't we all pry into our neighbors' lives like this if we could get away with it?"

—Sunday Express (UK)

"You’ll definitely want to change your locks after reading this original and darkly funny novel…[It] will send shivers down your spine."

—The Stylist (UK)