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Critical Praise

"Sparks has a winning combination of style and story."

——Christian Science Monitor

"A gifted storyteller."

——Lexington Herald-Leader (KY)

"Nicholas Sparks captures love's unimaginable strength but also shows us its tremendous fragility."

——Abilene Reporter-News

"A very moving book."

——Woman's Own

"A gifted novelist."

——Rocky Mountain News

"Nicholas Sparks waves his magic romance wand once again, this time over the ideal of transformational first love....Sparks is a modern master of fateful love stories and road-not-taken fables written in uncluttered prose."

——Book Page

"Sparks creates a bittersweet message in Landon's rite of passage from a sheltered youngster to a selfless and loving man."

——Charleston Post and Courier

"Bittersweet...A tragic yet spiritual love story."


"Every now and then you stumble across an extraordinary book that at first appears like countless others, unremarkable and easy to overlook. But then you read it and are amazed at the treasure hidden within. Nicholas Sparks's A Walk to Remember is such a book....[It] never fails to be interesting, touching, at times riveting...a book you won't soon forget."

——Sunday New York Post

"Sparks has written a sweet tale of young but everlasting love, and though he's told us to expect both joy and sadness, the tears will still come."

——New York Daily News

"Sparks proves once again that he is a master at pulling heartstrings...will enthrall Sparks's numerous fans."


"Has the indelible Sparks romantic stamp...[and] a touch of humor added to the emotion that his fans have come to expect."

——Greenville News

"An extraordinary book...touching, at times riveting...a book you won't soon forget."

——Sunday New York Post

"A sweet tale of young but everlasting love...Nicholas Sparks knows how to tug at a reader's heartstrings."

——Chicago Sun-Times