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Critical Praise

"A good book about the difficulties of keeping a cultural and tribal tradition alive in the present day. Mr. Sullivan's account is sensitive, moving, and sad."

——Larry McMurtry

"A hilarious, bone-true portrait of Makah life...Sullivan captures, with curiosity and empathy, the sighing and breathing of a culture fighting to stay alive."

——Outside magazine

"A book that is at once enthralling, fair-minded, and very funny."

——Jonathan Raban, The New York Review of Books

"A rich story, at turns ironic and bemusing, sad and adventure of the imagination. If books are journeys then Sullivan is a meandering, back-roads kind of driver."

——USA Today

"Marvelous...Sullivan has a very Ishmael-like talent for being both funny and generous, and at times A Whale Hunt reads like "Cool Runnings" meets "Northern Exposure."

——Nathaniel Philbrick, in The New York Times Book Review