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Critical Praise

"Hannie is compulsively interesting, and it is impossible to leave her as the story unfolds. . . . Though tranquillity is not the fruit of this particular harvest, admiration for a new author who can make the reader think, wonder, and argue very much is."

——Robin Vidimos, Denver Post

"Hardie's elegant, measured debut has a spooky, this-house-ain't-no-home element to it that is reminiscent of Rebecca if Rebecca were set on a small farm in present-day Ireland. . . . Hardie manages to construct a flowing narrative that pays as much attention to the enigma of relationships as to the surprising mystery at the heart of the story."

——Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, Entertainment Weekly

"Utterly engaging. . . . Hannie Bennet is one of the most fascinating and infuriating characters to come along in years."

——Mark Rozzo, Los Angeles Times

"A spellbinder."

——Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times