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Critical Praise

"With his new book, Burroughs breaks our hearts. Big time... A Wolf at the Table skillfully reminds us that the past never goes away. It's in our blood."

Rocky Mountain News

"An infinitely darker work than the author's previous takes on family dysfunction. Before his mother sent him to live with the loony shrink he immortalized in Running With Scissors, Burroughs was a kid at the mercy of a father he believes was a sociopath... Burrough's famous humor is mostly absent from this account, yet Wolf is not a grim book. How did he survive? ... Writing --- luckily for him and us --- helped save him."


"A serious departure... a moving depiction of fear and powerlessness from a child's point of view... compelling."

—Deirdre Donahue, USA Today

"Shocking and terrifyingly thrilling, hooks the reader immediately."

The Washington Post