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Critical Praise

"In this moving, engrossing family drama about journeys taken willingly and, for the most part, not, relatives' and acquaintances' lives intersect, and tests of family loyalties and friendships spur growth and insight. Meanwhile, Manfredi handles each character confidently and credibly."


"Manfredi's disciplined command of language combined with her intricate plot and compassion toward her characters make [Above the Thunder] an absorbing read."

——Rocky Mountain News

"Manfredi might be the next must-read literary novelist . . .full of characters who whisper in the memory long after the book has been closed."

——Chicago Tribune

"A stunning debut novel . . . To describe [it] as a brilliant, issue-oriented drama shortchanges Manfredi's accomplishments; the medical writing recalls the early works of Ethan Canin, and the combination of smooth storytelling, compassionate and probing narration and imaginative plotting makes for a heady blend. . . . Amazingly accomplished."

——Publishers Weekly (starred)