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Critical Praise

"Smooth writing, a cast of nicely developed characters, and a winning portrait of Portland, Oregon add up to one good read."

——Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust

"Jennie Shortridge's debut novel Riding with the Queen marked her as a writer to watch. Now with Eating Heaven, she firmly establishes herself as a writer of note. She has written an immensely wise and readable book that will provoke amusement, tears and thoughtful reflection."

——Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO

"Eating Heaven is a wonderful story about family, forgiveness and self-acceptance. Shortridge portrays the city perfectly--readers will feel right at home."

——The Oregonian, Portland, OR

"In the tradition of Like Water for Chocolate."

——Willamette Week, Portland, OR

"Proof that Shortridge really is an accomplished and superior novelist. This novel is a coming-of-ego journey in which the heroine discovers as much about herself as she does about life. It is written with a unique voice and a penetrating wit. Set in Portland but happening in human souls everywhere, Eating Heaven is a book about all the ways people nourish themselves and others."

——Statesman Journal, Salem, OR

"We found Shortridge's story to be funny, sweet, and most importantly, original."

——Seattle Magazine