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Critical Praise

"[A] sensitive, perfectly paced novel . . . A story full of fresh, spiritual wisdom . . . Smashing one of the strangest taboos in American literature, Godwin may have finally brought religion back from the wilderness and made it a safe subject for literary fiction."

——The Christian Science Monitor

"[A] rich new novel . . . with the narrative verve and moral gravity that made earlier novels of hers so appealing."

——Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

"A deeply considered, even dignified novel . . . One stays engaged with the story for sheer narrative hook: As with story lines from Dickens . . . you simply want to find out who does what to whom. . . . The final beauty of Evensong is its ability to address God--to address the mystery of faith by comprehending, then embracing, this premise of uncertainty itself."

——The Boston Sunday Globe

"Evensong lingers in the mind. . . . Meticulousness and precision are, indeed, Godwin's greatest strengths. In matters liturgical and clerical, her command is impeccable."

——The New York Times Book Review

"Rich. Satisfying. Luscious . . . Evensong reawakened in these weary eyeballs the joy of reading. . . . It's that old-fashioned concept, a good read."

——USA Today