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Critical Praise

"Fascinating. . . . A provocative work of cultural history that is as compelling as it is thoughtful, as readable as it is smart. . . . Rosenbaum has made an important contribution to our understanding, not just of Hitler, but of the cultural processes by which we try to come to terms with history as well. "

Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

"Cultural criticism served up as riveting narrative history . . . with words and ideas that surprise, amuse, and even elevate the reader. "

Marc Fisher, Washington Post

"A product of exhaustive historical research and meticulous contemporary reporting . . . an intellectual tour de force. "

George Will

"A remarkable journey by one of the most original journalists and writers of our time. "

David Remick, author of Lenin's Tomb

"Brilliant. . . . Restlessly probing and deeply intelligent. "