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Critical Praise

"Edgy and irreverent…a sharp, witty take on friendship, family, and the roller-coaster ride of adolescence. [Elizabeth is] to-fall-in-love-with. "

—Gotham magazine

"Highs and lows alternate as dizzily as adolescent hormone levels in this engaging Australian debut….Adolescence, zits and all, described with wit and empathy. "

—Kirkus Reviews

"I absolutely loved Feeling Sorry for Celia and wish I had written it myself. It's so funny and so gripping -it describes perfectly the confusion and bittersweet hope of being a teenager. Written with exquisite deftness, immense warmth and humanity, it is the best 'feel-good' book I've read in a long time. "

—Marian Keyes, author of Last Chance Saloon and Rachel's Holiday

"Elizabeth is feisty and charming, and she and the novel are a delight…this tells of relationships and especially friendships in a humorous but insightful fashion. "


"Dare to steal a glance into Elizabeth's teen years….it feels a little like snooping into someone's personal drawers-but after a while, you'll relish the sneak peeks….Sassy Celia is no sorry sister. "