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Critical Praise

"Elegantly structured...A good, suspenseful read with the kind of lean writing that many better-selling writers would have to sell their souls to achieve."

——Detroit Free Press

"Fire Point put my teeth on edge from the first page and kept them there until I finished. Smolens is a fine writer with a profound knowledge of human behavior gone awry."

——Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the Fall

"Sensitively observed, mesmerizing . . . builds in fury as inexorably and stunningly as a Lake Superior storm. . . . Readers may devour this in one sitting, and the startling denouement will keep them rapt to the chilling end."

——Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Smolens has done a superlative job of rendering a place and its people realistically. He has crafted a thriller that is as literate and insightful into human nature as any novel out this year."

——Rocky Mountain News