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Critical Praise

"[A] Sexy Summer Read....One of the books that'll soon be burning up the beach."

——Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Courtroom drama adds texture and suspense to Rose's third tale of crime, lust, and obsession… Keep[s] the reader guessing…A lush story dressed in upscale detail…with a tight pace and silky surface..."


"The story unfolds in a compelling fashion, alternating between present events and flashbacks that provide motivational detail. Readers who enjoy psychological thrillers in the Ruth Rendell vein will find Rose's tale absorbing, especially the multitextured account of Genny's complex relationships with men and the glimpse of the cutthroat dealings among gallery owners. This will be popular with both mystery and general fiction readers."


"Her goal is to tell a story of love --- maybe even obsession --- in the tradition of stories like The English Patient and REBECCA. And she succeeds. Rose paints a beautiful picture of a slightly troubled and dark artist, without being cliché, who finds light in his love interest and sometimes subject. Rose's descriptions of Slade's art and the inspiration for his work are captivating. The romance is breathtaking. Intelligent and fast paced, Flesh Tones introduces the world of art houses and galleries, courtroom drama, and palpable passion. Rose leaves readers wanting more (sigh) --- like any good love story should --- more of Genny and Slade's undying love for each other, even in the face of death."