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Footprints in the Desert

About the Book

Footprints in the Desert

This thrilling work of historical fiction, set during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, tells the story of a circle of friends whose lives and loves become entangled in the crusade for freedom.

The second novel from Maha Akhtar weaves a story of espionage, love, courage and loyalty, told from the perspectives of the revolutionaries who fought alongside Lawrence of Arabia --- and the women who gave them strength.

Salah escapes Turkey, fearing he is about to be unmasked as a spy for the Arab Revolt. Meanwhile, Noura, his best friend’s widow, flees Beirut, and the two find themselves in Cairo. When he’s not carrying out spy missions with the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, Salah is hiding from the Ottoman secret police in the bustling labyrinth of the Khan el-Khalili market. Noura starts over, finding strength and support in new friendships forged at Rania’s Café, where everyone is somehow involved in the struggle for Arab independence.

But independence comes at a cost. And when Lawrence plans an attack on Aqaba, the price may be very high indeed.

Footprints in the Desert
by Maha Akhtar