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Critical Praise

A thrill to read.

The Washington Post

A modern-day Jane Austen.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Hilarious and thoughtfully written.

The Seattle Times

Sharply observed and beautifully etched.

The Newark Star-Ledger

Giffin is a dependably down-to-earth storyteller.

The New York Times

One of the sharpest writers out there. Profound, humorous, and reveals layers of a woman’s deepest desires.

The Arizona Republic

Giffin skillfully explores the secret workings of a woman’s heart and the often painful consequences of one’s actions.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Giffin’s talent lies in taking relatable situations and injecting enough wit and suspense to make them feel fresh.


Smart, believable, and authentic …Captures friendships and love and their attendant complexities.

San Francisco Chronicle

Giffin’s writing is true, smart, and heartfelt.

Entertainment Weekly

Delightful, winning, and real.