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Critical Praise

“In smart and supple prose…Oliveira’s lively work illuminates these ambitious artists and rings true in the way the best fiction can.”

—The Seattle Times

“[This] book is accomplished and well-researched…Although sometimes [Degas and Cassatt] are completely alienated, they remain linked through their art and love.”


“[Oliveira]’s illuminating portrayals of the inner lives of artists --- Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot and Édouard Manet --- are beautifully colored and as richly detailed as the paintings for which they are celebrated.”

—The Chicago Tribune

“Oliveira has woven a rich tapestry of the artists’ life in Belle Époque Paris, in a close, intimate rendering.”

—Library Journal

“Art lovers will fall for this story full of beautiful details about the world of the Impressionists in Belle Époque Paris.”


I ALWAYS LOVED YOU is a beautifully composed --- and extensively researched --- blend of art history, vintage travelogue and good storytelling.”

—Dallas Morning News

“Emulating the powers of observation and expression possessed by the artists she so vividly and sensitively fictionalizes, Oliveira illuminates with piercing insight the churning psyches of her living-on-the-edge characters. This is a historically and aesthetically rich, complexly involving, and forthrightly sorrowful novel of the perilous, exhilarating and world-changing lives of visionary artists breaking new ground and each other’s hearts.”