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Critical Praise

"It is an occasion worth celebrating when a sparkling novel, a work of wit, irony and feeling, is brought back into print after an absence of many years. So uncork the champagne for I Capture the Castle. "

————The Los Angeles Times

"Much more fun than the reader has any right to expect "

————The Weekly Standard

"A delicious, compulsively readable novel about young love and its vicissitudes. What fun! "

————Erica Jong

"Dreamy and odd, shimmering timelessness clings to its pages. A thousand and one cheers for its reissue. A+ "

————Entertainment Weekly

" It’s as fresh as if it were written this morning, and as classic as Jane Austen. I’m very happy to have met it. "

————Donald E. Westlake

"To say that I couldn’t put it down is hardly original, but true…I think it is a book that will be much lived in by many people, because you can live inside it, like Dickens. "

————Christopher Isherwood

"You’ll love it, it has been one of my favorite novels. Cassandra Mortmain is one hell of a narrator, offering sharp wit, piercing insight and touching lyricism. She is a heroine we readers wish we could be, a young woman it is impossible not to adore. "

————Susan Isaacs