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Critical Praise

"[S]eals [Roth's] reputation as a writer at the very top of his game."

——The Philadelphia Inquirer

"I Married a Communist is filled with passages as fine and sharp as anything Roth has ever written (which is to say, as fine and sharp as anything in contemporary American literature)."

——The Village Voice Literary Supplement

"[I Married a Communist] leaves you--both dumbfounded and in awe."

——Chicago Sun-Times

"Philip Roth is an amazing writer.... [I Married a Communist] may very well become his classic work; perhaps a classic for all time."

——The Plain Dealer

"Gripping.... A masterly, often unnerving, blend of tenderness, harshness, insight and wit."

——The New York Times Book Review

"A bitter, often funny, always engrossing story--. What I Married a Communist tells us above all is that Philip Roth is very much with us as a writer, every bit as contemporary and vital as he was when he began."

——The New York Review of Books