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Critical Praise

“Genova…compassionately details how an illness --- this time Huntington’s disease --- can destroy not only the afflicted, but those who love them as well.”

—People, a People Pick


—The Washington Post

“This heartbreaking book tells the whole story of how a major illness affects a family. Genova’s gift is to show that things do work out, in a sense.”

—Matthew Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of WE ARE NOT OURSELVES

“INSIDE THE O’BRIENS…promises to do for Huntington’s disease, what STILL ALICE did for Alzheimer’s.”

—The Huffington Post

“A moving drama.”

—Us Weekly

“The family’s resilience makes this a story about living, not dying.”

—The Michigan

“[Genova’s] compassionate storytelling is full of human emotion, all the way from boiling rage to love and gratitude, to despair.”

—The Vancouver Sun

“For a book that could be bleak and depressing, Genova turns it into a story that is strong and uplifting. The disease will continue its inexorable march, but the O’Briens’ response tells much about character when faced with crisis.”

—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“This novel of siblings rocked by their father’s Huntington’s disease is a total tearjerker, but ultimately it’s a tribute to family love.”


“An intimate, heartbreaking look at life with Huntington’s disease.”

—Marie Claire

“A gut-wrenching and memorable read.”

—Library Journal, starred review

“Genova’s book will move readers as well as demystify a condition sometimes called ‘the cruelest disease known to man.’”

—Publishers Weekly

“Sympathetic, absorbing, multifaceted characters compel the reader’s compassion. While Genova’s background in neuroscience allows her to portray medical issues accurately, the heart of the O’Briens’ story is human…. Poignant and painful, warm and redemptive, INSIDE THE O’BRIENS displays Genova’s established strengths in bringing neuroscience to the lay reader, and portraying the power of love.”

—Shelf Awareness

“INSIDE THE O’BRIENS is…about resilience and hope.”