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Knitting Under the Influence

About the Book

Knitting Under the Influence


Sometimes it feels like their weekly knitting circle is the only thing that keeps Kathleen, Sari, and Lucy from falling apart. Their fine-gauge scarves may look fabulous, but their lives are starting to unravel…

For years, beautiful, flighty Kathleen has been living off of her famous actress sisters. When she moves out, she misses her life of luxury and begins to think that marrying rich might be an easy way to get it back.

Lucy is dating the man of her dreams-gorgeous, a brilliant scientist, going places-but when an animal rights group targets him, she starts to wonder whose side she's really on.

And Sari finds herself suddenly face-to-face again with the "it" boy from high school who still has it-he's gorgeous, sensitive, and kind, and he has a son who needs Sari's help. But can she ever forgive him for what he did to her brother a decade ago?

Caught between life, love, and pursuit of the perfect cast-on, these three friends learn that there are never any easy answers, except maybe one-that when the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.

Knitting Under the Influence
by Claire LaZebnik

  • Publication Date: September 1, 2006
  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: 5 Spot
  • ISBN-10: 0446697958
  • ISBN-13: 9780446697958