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Critical Praise

“A glorious identity-bending, multigenerational epic... Cooper’s storytelling skills are phenomenal. She effortlessly shifts perspectives, [and] throughout, her experiments are divine: They serve to make this peculiar family feel real.”

——Time Out New York

“Cooper has an affinity for creative liberties, even in anything-goes 21st-century fiction, liberties of a stunning sort. This is not another generic everyday family saga, not when it starts in the Russian pogroms, jogs past Charles Lindbergh and closes with a guy who impersonates rapper Eminem at bar mitzvahs.”

——Seattle Post-Intellegencer

“It’s refreshing to read a novel that makes a veritable game of its storylines. The book is further enhanced by Cooper's considerable descriptive powers, which bring to life such varied tableaus as a Russian pogrom, a Lower East Side gang fight and a Lindbergh rally in Oklahoma City. It is the story of Esther that resonates long after the book has been closed.”

——The New York Times Book Review

“T Cooper travels an enormous distance in this new novel, from Russian pogrom to middle-class tract living in Texas. This is a fresh, funky, astutely observed and frankly different version of the immigrant story, making the most of lost and found identity in the mix of modern America.”

——Amy Bloom