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Critical Praise

"Some writers have all the luck. Not only did Rebecca Wells get to be Catholic, she also got to come from Louisiana. This means that half of her is conversant with the Mystery and the other half is crazy. Out of this chemistry she has written a brilliant, pungent and hilarious novel about the Walker clan of Thornton, Louisiana. Frankie Adams and Scout Finch, I'd like you to meet Miss Siddalee Walker, a force of nature and a tool of fate, and one of the sharpest eyed little chatterboxes since Huckleberry Finn. Little Altars Everywhere teems with wonderful characters. But it's Wells's tireless invention and ruthless evocation of childhood combined with an unfailingly shrewd comic ear that makes Little Altars Everywhere such a thoroughly joyful and welcome noise. "

Andrew Ward, author of Out Here: A Newcomer's Notes From the Great Northwest and NPR commentator