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Critical Praise

“In LOVER, Anna Raverat tells the beautiful, moving, complicated story of how a good marriage turns bad, creating a mad-fast read that newly explores what it means to be a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and coworker navigating the inanities of corporate life. You’ll never drink from a glass in a hotel room again."

—Helen Klein Ross, author of WHAT WAS MINE

“Anna Raverat is a humane and generous writer, giving voice to our best instincts and communicating, by quiet and often funny moments, a sense of our ability to overcome adversity with love.”

—Chris Cleave, bestselling author of LITTLE BEE and EVERYONE BRAVE IS FORGIVEN

“I wept through LOVER by Anna Raverat. It’s written with such a light touch, but is so piercing and so true.”

—Liza Klaussmann, author of TIGERS IN RED WEATHER

"Wise and subtle and witty... Filled with humanity and warmth. A compulsively readable book about a breakup from a brilliant new writer.”

—Maggie Gee, author of THE WHITE FAMILY