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Critical Praise

“Radiates the kind of offbeat shoulder-shrugging charm that made Michael Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh so memorable. . . . [Matrimony] gets to you and stays with you.”

——Kirkus Reviews

“[Henkin] builds a deeply affecting portrait of a marriage, tracing its evolution over the course of 20 years. . . . In this heartfelt homage to the risks and rewards of marriage, Henkin never artificially amps up his material, instead allowing the quiet accumulation of his characters' shared experiences to create for his readers a world they will recognize and relate to.”


“In this classically composed second novel of a couple who meet and fall in love at their liberal arts college in the Berkshires, Henkin, much praised for Swimming Across the Hudson (1997), sensitively examines the 15 years of love and marriage that follow.”

——Carlin Romano, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“[Henkin] is able to explore in depth a surprisingly wide array of issues universal to the experiences of marriage. . . . It is a testament to Matrimony’s redemptive power that at the end of the novel, despite all of the difficulties the characters face, the reader might still want to get, or stay, married.”

——Adam Goldwyn, Small Spiral Notebook