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Critical Praise

"I got to get Mr. John's address. I want him to do my obituary before I die. "

——Gloria Daniels, Joe Odom's housecleaner

"I have had several customers who think this book is not a very good image for Savannah. 'The Married Woman's Club is very cliquish,' they say. Or, 'I'm going to borrow it from a friend. I don't want that trash in my house.' "

——Regina Odom, bookseller

"I thought it was a very fine piece of reportage. It was dramatic and dark and entertaining. It's a compliment to Berendt that he took extraordinarily colorful material and very, very accurately portrayed this Gothic atmosphere. "

——Albert Scardino, former editor of the Georgia Gazette

"I told John that as he goes up that ladder of success, I'm on the step right behind him. And that ain't easy, honey, with these heels on. "

—The Lady Chablis, chanteuse