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Critical Praise

“Cathartic, suspenseful and droll, MIMIoffers a hopeful take on both old age and bad blood.” 

—Joanna Powell, People

“It has been 20 years since Julia MacDonnell wrote her first novel, A YEAR OF FAVOR. But readers will find her highly entertaining and heartfelt second novel,MIMI MALLOY, AT LAST!, well worth the wait….MacDonnell truly shines in creating a cast of unforgettable characters who struggle to forgive each other, spinning a story that recalls THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD, though with a bit more of an edge. MIMI MALLOY, AT LAST! will ensnare readers with its human drama and fascinating references to Irish folklore --- even as the vulnerable and brassy Mimi Malloy steals their hearts.” 


"MacDonnell's multifaceted novel unspools via flashbacks. Mimi's no-nonsense narrative voice and a cast of well-drawn characters take readers on a humbling journey that explores the past and present; the bonds between parents, children and sisters; the power of secrets; and heroic acts of love."

—Shelf Awareness

“Delightful…Sisters, mothers, daughters --- MacDonnell gets the dynamics just right. On top of all that, there's a wonderful story, lots of humor, some unexpected romance and a reminder that it's never too late.” 

—Hudson Valley News

“Julia MacDonnell treats her characters with sympathy while never failing to show their flaws…Many readers will understand and relate to Mimi Malloy [and] even those who don't should find her journey engrossing and truly extraordinary…Highly recommended.” 

—Blogcritics (Editors' Choice)

“Humorous and poignant…MacDonnell captures perfectly the family dynamics between sisters, mothers and daughters, as if she were sitting in on their gab sessions, taking copious notes. For readers who enjoy Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher, this is a highly engaging family chronicle, with a healthy dose of Irish history laced in as well.”


"Lightened by her sharp wit, feisty Mimi's saga is a sometimes troubling but ultimately triumphant tale of aging, the Boston Irish immigrant experience, and redemption. MacDonnell's first novel in 20 years (after A YEAR OF FAVOR) will appeal to anyone who loves a good story with a strong heroine."

—Library Journal