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Critical Praise

‘It’s clear from the first page that this is prize-winning stuff… Being a truthful writer, Jones sees nothing – neither his heroes nor his villains in black and white. His is a bold inquiry into the way that we construct and repair our communities, and ourselves, with stories old and new’

——The Times

"Mister Pip is a rare, original and truly beautiful novel. It reminds us that every act of reading and telling is a transformation, and that stories, even painful ones, may carry possibilities of redemption. An unforgettable novel, moving and deeply compelling."

——Gail Jones, author of Sixty Lights

"Mister Pip is sheer magic, a story about stories and their power to transcend the limits of imagination and reside in the deep heart's core. Lloyd Jones is a brave and fierce writer, and he has given us Dickens brand new again."

——Keith Donohue, author of The Stolen Child

“As compelling as a fairytale–beautiful, shocking and profound.”

——Helen Garner, author of Monkey Grip