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Critical Praise

"Mrs. Perfect is the kind of book that resonates, so that weeks later you're still thinking it over and noticing the ripple effect it has around you. Taylor Young's quest for perfection will strike a deep chord in any woman who thinks she's not good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not a good enough mother, partner, or friend. Every one of us, then, should read this book."

——Megan Crane, author of Names My Sisters Call Me

"...The witty first-person narration keeps things lively in Porter’s latest. Taylor’s neurotic fussiness provides both vicarious thrills and laughs before Taylor moves on to self awareness and a new kind of empowerment. The glittery high-end fantasy is delivered with enough humor to leaven the silliness, making this a feel-good read."

——Kirkus Reviews

"Just in time for summer, Porter delivers another fine batch of mommy lit."

——Publishers Weekly

"Porter scores another home run with her latest."

——Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars)