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Critical Praise

“A satirical spin on the end times --- kind of like 'The Office' meets 'The Leftovers.'"

—Estelle Tang, Elle

“Ma’s writing about the jargon of globalized capitalism has a mix of humor and pathos that reminded me a little of INFINITE JEST and a little of George Saunders.”

—Emily Witt, The New Yorker

“How do you fit a zombie novel inside an immigrant story inside a coming-of-age tale? Ling Ma...accomplished this feat in her gripping and original turducken of a novel.... Fascinating.”

—Trine Tsouderos, The Chicago Tribune

“Shocking and ferocious.... A fierce debut from a writer with seemingly boundless imagination.... A wicked satire of consumerism and work culture.... It’s a stunning, audacious book with a fresh take on both office politics and what the apocalypse might bring: This is the way the world ends, Ma seems to be saying, not with a bang but a memo.”

—Michael Schaub, National Public Radio