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Critical Praise

"Violence and politics haunt The Dew Breaker . . . [The dew breaker's] moral ambiguities seem, at times, to be purely psychological, but Haiti's vicious politics are at their core."

——New York magazine

"Remarkable . . . Danticat's most persuasive, organic performance yet. As seamless as it is compelling . . . It is a measure of Danticat's fierce, elliptical artistry that she makes the elisions count as much as her piercing, indelible words."

——Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

"Danticat's gift is to combine both sympathy and clarity in a moral tangle that becomes as tight as a Haitian community. . . Moving."

——Pico Iyer, Time

"A devastating story of love, delusion, and history . . . Searing."

——Elaina Richardson, O magazine

"Breathtaking . . . With terrifying wit and flowered pungency, Edwidge Danticat has managed over the past 10 years to portray the torment of the Haitian people . . . In The Dew Breaker, Danticat has written a Haitian truth: prisoners all, even the jailers."

——Richard Eder, New York Times Book Review

"A tangle of history, biography, circumstance and chance forms the emotional backdrop of Edwidge Danticat's luminous new novel, The Dew Breaker . . . A tale of crime and punishment in the great tradition of Dostoevsky."

——Glenn McNatt, The Sun