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Critical Praise

"A grand novel --- grand in its reach, grand in its themes, grand in it patterning… If Powers were an American writer of the nineteenth century… he'd probably be the Herman Melville of Moby-Dick. His picture is that big."

Margaret Atwood, The New York Review of Books

"A brilliant novel. . . . A vision of wonder."

The Boston Globe

"Fascinating. . . . In the end we see what Powers, with his beautiful language and broad reach, always wishes to have us see: the eternal mystery of human personality and how it functions in the extreme drama of the modern world."

O, The Oprah Magazine

"A kind of neuro-cosmological adventure . . . an exhilarating narrative feat. . . . Powers is a formidable talent, and this is a lucid, fiercely entertaining novel."

The Washington Post Book World

"Wise and elegant. . . . The mysteries unfold so organically and stealthily that you are unaware of his machinations until they come to stunning fruition. . . . Powers accomplishes something magnificent.”"

Colson Whitehead, The New York Times Book Review

"Powers may well be one of the smartest novelists now writing. . . . In The Echo Maker, Powers hopes to plumb the nature of consciousness, and he does so with such alert passion that we come to recognize in his quest the novel's abiding theme --- what it means to be human will forever elude us."

Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A book that will change all who read it."

Booklist, starred review