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The Evening Chorus

About the Book

The Evening Chorus

Shot down on his first mission, James is taken to a German POW camp. To bide the time, he studies a family of birds. Some prisoners have been taken out of the camp and shot; some plot escape. And then, one day, the Kommandant invites him for a drive.

With James away, his young war bride Rose is free in a way she has never known --- working as an air raid warden, roaming the countryside with only her dog as company. Until a furloughed soldier brings new choices.

And then James’s sister, Enid, is bombed out of London. She loses her home and her lover in one tragic, impersonal act of war. Her only refuge is her brother’s --- Rose’s --- home. Each is protective of her secrets, but the two form a surprising friendship.

Each of these characters will find liberty amid war’s privations and discover confinements that come with peace. From a writer of “delicate and incandescent” (San Francisco Chronicle) prose, THE EVENING CHORUS offers a beautiful, spare examination of the natural world and the human heart.

The Evening Chorus
by Helen Humphreys