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Critical Praise

Praise for the novels of Lars Kepler

"Action-oriented, inventive, with over-the-top plots and larger-than-life heroes and criminals."

    — Los AngelesTimes Magazine

"[Kepler’s] ability to inhabit the workings of psychotic psyches is authentically shocking. Larsson is destined to have many heirs . . . Kepler is by far the best."

    — Lev Grossman, Time

"Outrageously entertaining . . . Methadone for readers suffering from Stieg Larsson withdrawal."

    — Laura Miller, Salon

"Kepler’s characters are admirably flawed . . . It’s a smooth collaboration . . . with frequent surprises and grace notes amid the carnage. With any luck, we’ll hear more of Lars Kepler."

    — Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post