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Critical Praise

"Moody brings this profusion of metaphor to order with a fierce, subversive intelligence. His characters, drawn with a manic acuity that isn't fully accounted for until the end, stay with us long after we've finished reading."

——Amanda Heller, Boston Globe

"A bitter and loving and damning tribute to the American family.... This is a good book, packed with keen observation and sympathy for human failure."

——Adam Begley, Chicago Tribune

"The Ice Storm works on so many levels, and is so smartly written, that it should establish Rick Moody as one of his generation's bellwether voices."

——Hungry Mind Review

"One of the wittiest books about family life ever written."


"Powerful....Moody's dialogue is sharp, his scenes vivid, and his pacing sure....He is a stylist who can summon strong emotions."

——Dan Cryer, Newsday