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Critical Praise

"Barbara Claypole White has created a tender and emotionally-charged novel in THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR. Her multifaceted, flawed characters, each with their own wounded heart, are carefully drawn. Ms. White depicts the North Carolina mountain setting with an evocative sense of place, creating a perfect backdrop for this story of life, survival and, ultimately, of love that transcends all."
    Karen White, New York Times bestselling author

“Readers, prepare to open your hearts for a charming cast of original characters."
Lydia Netzer, author of SHINE SHINE SHINE

“A heartwarming story of grief and the desire to save the people you love even when you can't save yourself.”
    Anita Hughes, author of

“A captivating read about the deepest emotions the word family evokes.”
    Laura Spinella, author of

"THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR breaks your heart and mends it at the same time.”
    Amy Sue Nathan, author of THE GLASS WIVES