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Critical Praise

“King’s charming debut will strike a chord with book lovers who have whiled away many an hour in a beloved local bookstore.”


“The best part of the book [is] the loving description of the classic used bookstore at the heart of the tale, described in such perfect detail, down to the musty scent. Readers may be inspired to run out and spend the afternoon in their own local shop.”

—RT Magazine, 4 stars

“King packs many more twists and turns into this breezy novel, and Maggie’s guardedness and flippancy make an enjoyable counterpoint to the unabashed community of misfits she discovers at the Dragonfly. This diverting read probably won’t change anyone’s life, but then again, books never do. Or do they?”

—Kirkus Reviews

“THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING is one of those books that you remember for years later. [It’s] a book that any booklover will love and cherish [and] is one of the best books I have ever read.”


“But it’s the bookstore that remains my favorite character --- Dragonfly, which 'brims with the purposeful lingering movement of those looking for what they don’t yet know they need.' A great end to summer reading.”

—The Hudson Valley News