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Critical Praise

“From the minute I began reading THE MOMENTS BETWEEN DREAMS, I was captured, yanked into 1944 and the life of Carol Wozniak and her family, and struck by the similarities to the world we all live in today. It’s flawlessly written and relatable. Put this book on your summer reading list.”

—Nadia Giordana, Publisher/Editor, WINK: Writers In the Know literary magazine

“The book raises important themes and issues that would allow a book club to really sink their teeth in and ferment productive and actionable conversations. I also believe that this book should be read at the least with a friend or neighbor, for it really is worthy of conversation.”

—Charles Kuner, Windy City Reviews

“This powerful and well-crafted novel brings us back to the 1940s, when a public swimming pool could infect your child with a virus. The story resonates with our own time, as a new virus transforms our lives. Brenner’s intimate and poignant portrait of domestic violence is also relevant today --- the issues are the same.”

—Lucy Rose Fischer, author of THE JOURNALIST: Life and Loss in America‚Äôs Secret War