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Critical Praise

“Not a word is wasted in Susan Crawford’s fast-paced, thrilling debut. As Crawford explores the boundaries of memory and sanity, the suspense steadily gathers, and in her skilled hands, readers will be left guessing until the very end.”

—Lori Roy, Edgar Award-winning author of BENT ROAD and LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS

“Because the tale is told primarily from Dana’s sharp but manic perspective, suspense develops around her possibly unreliable interpretation of events. This is a gripping, character-driven mystery that would pair well with Sophie Hannah’s THE TRUTH-TELLER’S LIE.”


“This intriguing thriller will leave readers guessing till the last minute. Dana Cantrell is a dynamic, well-written character whose bipolar disorder makes her both maddening and endearing. Tightly moving, fast-paced and suspenseful, Crawford’s debut novel puts her on the map of writers to watch.”

—RT Book Reviews (4 1/2 stars)

“Descriptive, lyrical prose creates an intimate and visceral read that is both a solid mystery and a fast-paced psychological thriller. Try this first novel as a read-alike for Alice LaPlante’s TURN OF MIND.”

—Library Journal

“Great premise and characters, and a wonderfully evocative setting, heavy with heat and suburban boredom, and the uneasy threat of not quite knowing what is going on. Really great.” 

—Sabine Durrant, author of UNDER YOUR SKIN

“THE POCKET WIFE is an exceptional literary thriller debut that sensitively portrays a woman struggling with bipolar disorder, and the horrific possibility that she’s a murderer. Engrossing, thrilling and page turning all the way through, this is one you won’t want to miss!”

—Chevy Stevens, New York Times bestselling author

“THE POCKET WIFE is haunting, gripping and lyrical --- a book you won’t want to put down. Susan Crawford is a bright new star.”

—Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author

“I really enjoyed the story and the author's writing style. Though I changed my mind several times, I never figured out who the killer was until she was revealed at the end. I really enjoyed reading [THE POCKET WIFE], and I know my customers will, too.” 

—Diane Brady Carvalho, The Hidden Lantern Bookstore, Rosemary Beach, FL

“THE POCKET WIFE is a powerful psychological thriller which literally takes you inside the mind of someone as they are going crazy --- or, are being driven crazy.  Action packed and very tightly woven with an ending I didn’t see coming, THE POCKET WIFE is a must read and I hope we will see more of Detective Jack Moss in the future.”

—Nancy McFarlane, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC

“I loved it, and I just read THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, which is #1, and I liked THE POCKET WIFE way more. I know I will sell some easily. I did have it figured out, but over and over something would make me change my mind and I love a book like that. [Crawford] has a really unique way of writing where…you felt like you were in her head and reliving it all. It was unpredictable, and I thrive on those kinda [sic] books. Am looking forward to more great writing from Susan Crawford.”

—Tamara Tomac, Manager of the Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, MI