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Critical Praise

"Jeane Westin has brought the Elizabethan court vividly to life. Her heroines walk a delicious knife-edge between love and disaster. I couldn’t put it down."

—Anne Gracie, author of To Catch a Bride

"A Tudor novel not to be missed. Well told and well researched, this book gripped me from its earliest pages and wouldn’t let go until I’d read all the way through the reader’s guide at the end. I became caught up in the lives of these two relatively unknown ladies of Elizabeth’s court, and the way Westin ties both tales together is unique and riveting. What might have been merely two love stories truly became history brought to life. Highly recommended."

The Historical Novels Review

"Westin knows her history, and the inner workings of her characters’ minds as well. She presents Elizabeth I through the eyes of two of her ladies-in-waiting. Rich, colorful details of court life, captivating characters with suppressed sexuality, scandal and intrigue thrust the reader into the era in this top-notch novel."

Romantic Times

"Fantastic story. Here is a unique approach to showing us more of Queen Elizabeth. I loved the way the author weaves two stories into this look at the queen --- both distinctly separate, yet still connected. And we get to see the queen as she was when younger and as she was at the end. Utterly fascinating and a must for everyone to read."

Romance Reviews